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The new employee experience at University of North Texas System should be a welcoming and engaging encounter.  New employees should be met with enthusiastic, energetic, and informed colleagues; this shows support and builds excitement about joining the team.  Providing an atmosphere that shows intent and purpose, such as having a fully equipped office space, is another way managers can create a welcoming environment.  Finally, having preliminary discussions to provide guidance will give the new employee direction on what to expect and can assist them on their journey.


Prior to your new employee's start date, it is acceptable to communicate with them to officially congratulate and welcome them into your unit/department.  Use this opportunity to provide them answers to those frequently asked questions such as "where do I park", "is there a refrigerator for my lunch," etc.  Additionally, if you or your team have planned something for first-day activities, let the new employee know so that they can plan accordingly.  The more knowledge we can relay to the new employee the more prepared and at ease they will feel.

Details to correspond and discuss with your new employee:

  1. The new employee will receive an email titled:  “Invitation to Complete New Hire Onboarding;” this will prompt them to set up their password in Account Management System (AMS).  Ensure this process is complete.
  2. Confirm the new employee completes the Onboarding tasks through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.
  3. Communicate:
    • scheduled starting time
    • location to report to on the first day
    • where to park on their first day
    • items to bring on the first day (necessary documents to request an employee ID, a parking permit, etc.)
  4. Clarify dress code standards.
  5. Ensure the new employee has the contact information for any additional resources.
  6. Direct the new employee to review the Welcome and the Before You Start tabs on UNT System Onboarding website.


  1. Announce the new employee to the unit/department.  In the communication, include their start date, job title, and any information the new employee wants to share to introduce themselves.
  2. Choose an onboarding partner for your new employee to connect with during their transition into UNT System, if applicable.
  3. Update the department website with their contact information, if applicable.
    • If your department does not have access to update the website, you can submit a service request with MarComm Support.
  4. Prepare the employee's initial schedule:
    • Schedule uninterrupted time to meet on a regular basis over the course of at least the first month to orient them and help them feel connected
    • Add other regularly scheduled meetings (e.g. one-on ones (1:1), staff meetings, department meetings)
    • Remember to set up meetings with critical people (including team members and/or onboarding partner)
    • Consider taking the new employee to lunch to welcome them and encourage the onboarding partner to participate; may be dependent upon departmental practices and/or budget
    • Be sure to send calendar invites to these meetings
  5. Review the employee’s position description and prepare for expectation and goal-setting conversations.
  6. Gather important new employee resources such as the items below:

Workspaces and Locations

  1. Arrange to have the work area cleaned.
  2. Set up office space with supplies (order as needed).
  3. For access control, confirm that the office space keys are ordered, if applicable.
  4. Confirm business cards, name plate, etc. are ordered, as applicable.
  5. Confirm that the employee is added to relevant email lists, channels in Microsoft Teams, lists, etc.


  1. Contact UNT System Information Technology (IT) via Service Now to have access and email set up in advance.
  2. Arrange access to common drives, servers, distribution lists, etc.
  3. Set up phone extension.
  4. Create applicable Service Now requests for department-specific programs.


Welcome to the Team!



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