Physical Well-Being

More Than Just a Healthy Heart

Maintaining good physical well-being is more than just having a healthy heart. In addition to going for a run, taking a spin class or walking for a half-hour, getting physical can encompass meeting your nutritional goals, losing weight, quitting smoking or even attending annual doctor’s visits.

And making these good choices when it comes to your physical health is part of the equation. When you choose to drink responsibly, get a flu shot, eat smart and/or get enough sleep, you are moving in the right direction, making impactful decisions that will show in your work, relationships and overall quality of life.

Small Changes. Big Benefits.

Other small decisions can significantly affect your health. From washing one’s hands to drinking more water to adding an extra fruit or vegetable to your daily intake, incremental changes can reap big rewards.

Physical well-being means you can get the most out of your daily activities without fatigue or physical stress. Recognizing that your daily habits and behaviors have a significant impact on your overall health, well-being and quality of life is the first step to healthy physical well-being.

Physical Well-Being

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