Organizational Development and Engagement (ODE)

Who We Are:

The Human Resources Department of Organizational Development & Engagement (ODE) serves faculty, staff, and administrators across UNT System. ODE promotes individual and team professional growth and development at all levels. We achieve this through training, department consulting and providing leadership programs. Our goal is to cultivate an organizational culture of learning that promotes employee engagement.

ODE Beliefs:

  • Learning is a life-long process.
  • Professional development is critical to career success.
  • Embracing diversity enhances the learning experience.
  • In growing individuals to become strong leaders.
  • Engaged employees are core to our mission.
  • Great teams are not accidental but are intentional.
  • Our people are our greatest resource.


Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

ODE offers many virtual professional development opportunities on the UNT Bridge and LearnHSC learning management systems as well as LinkedIn Learning.  These are available to all UNT, UNT Dallas and UNT System Administration employees in the learning library of UNT Bridge.  UNTHSC employees will find these learning opportunities in the learning library of LearnHSC.

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You can enroll in live training and/or online training classes using the Bridge system.

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Gallup Engagement

Our goal in measuring engagement is to increase satisfaction across UNT System.

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Consulting Services

We have an in-house organizational development consultant who can provide many services to your department, free of charge.

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