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We offer a comprehensive catalog covering a wide-range of topics for professional and leadership skill development. See below for details on our multi-level programs including the ASP for people managers, recommended training opportunities through Bridge, and LinkedIn Learning courses for continuous professional growth. Stay tuned for upcoming training announcements as we continuously expand our course selections!

The AccoUNTable Supervisor Program is currently available for UNT employees only.  However, the program will be coming soon for employees at all instiutions across the enterprise. 

Enrollment Requirements


To enroll in this program, you must review the program catalog and complete the application form completely. You can find this application form at the following link: APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED FOR SPRING. Note that this form requires you to obtain supervisor approval before it will be considered complete. The cohort will include 40 members and we will retain a waitlist (cohorts run once each long semester). 

Those selected for the program will receive a direct e-mail. By completing this form, you are verifying that you have read the asp program catalog in its entirety (including the required in-person program dates) and you have received supervisor approval to participate fully in the program. You will be held accountable for all requirements and dates listed within the program catalog. These requirements will NOT be reviewed again within any individual session, so please review carefully.

Program Dates are from 2 - 4 PM on the following:  February 13th, February 29th, March 21st, April10th, and April 30th

Please note: Participation in New Supervisor Orientation (our existing UNT System-partnered, training and development program directed toward new supervisors) is not required in order to participate in the AccoUNTable Supervisor Program, though it would be preferable that newly hired supervisors complete New Supervisor Orientation first. E-mail for more information on that program.

Statement from the President

Dear UNT Supervisors,

Welcome to the AccoUNTable Supervisor Program! We created this program to positively support one of our most critical assets — our UNT supervisor community — as we work toward creating a workplace that better meets the needs of our rapidly expanding organization.

Through this program, you’ll receive learning and networking experiences related to people-first leading, and will develop supervisory skills that have a direct impact on our employees, students, and the university. The Cabinet and I are fully committed to allowing our community of supervisors the time and support necessary to complete this program.

Your commitment to creating an engaged workforce is greatly appreciated. We value the pledge you are taking to complete the Core 5 learning sessions as well as the continued quarterly education and learning that designates you an AccoUNTable Supervisor.

Thank you for your part in shaping a brighter future for yourself and for those that you lead.

UNT Proud,

Signature of the President

Neal Smatresk, President

Photo of the President


Program Overview

A vital contributor to UNT’s success lies in the teamwork and the relationships between supervisors and employees. This dynamic can have a substantial impact on job engagement, individual and team performance, satisfaction, and retention.  This program will provide crucial learning and networking to all levels of supervisors as it pertains to people-first leading within the culture and context of UNT. The intended outcome of this program is to continually develop supervisory skills that have a positive impact on our employees, students, the university, and the greater community. Those who commit to this program and its requirements enjoy the honor of calling themselves a UNT “Accountable Supervisor”.

Program Objectives:

  • Provide supervisors with focused and critical skills applicable to any level, expertise, or tenure.
  • Encourage the ongoing learning and development of UNT’s supervisor population.
  • Create a community of supervisors for networking, connection, and shared learning.

The participant's supervisor and the participant commit to the time involved for the employee to participate in the program. This will be eleven hours (11) in-person initially (within a cohort) plus eight additional hours (8) each year. Dates for the cohort sessions are found within the program catalog.

The participant's supervisor will champion their participation. The participant's supervisor will provide coaching to their employee (the participant) on what they are learning in the program.

As such, the participant must share with their supervisor the coaching tip sheet. This sheet will provide a list of all the session topics and helpful coaching questions to help build dialogue between the participant and their direct supervisor.


If you would like clarification on the AccoUNTable Supervisor Program and its requirements, please contact Human Resources at (ref/attention: AccoUNTable Supervisor Program Administrator).

Fall 2023 Spring 2023 Fall 2022
Grant Benatar  Sharla Baker Chad Bourgeois
Branch William Pete Beaulieu Clayton Briggs
Burke Courtney Nancy Bouchard James Calaway
Kristi Cortez Nicholas Brauchle Sam Chambliss
Christina Dastoor  Kurt Calkins Kate Denton
Melissa Day  Kathleen Carter Raylon Dukes
Stefanie Dlugosz-Acton Amy Cassidy Johnathan Figueroa
Brenna Easley  Laurel Collins Kelly Frailey
Melanie Ecker  Tanisha Edwards John Genuise
Beatriz Espinoza  Abdal Elkharoubi Jimmy Grounds
Gregory Forte  Stacey Garcia Terrance Harris
Winston Franscini  Stephanie Garza Cody Howell
Konner Gonzalez  Mark Glicer Karen Ishee
Michelle Hale  William Hitt Shawn Keohen
Karl Hammond  Joesph Hoffmann Brenda Martinez
Ridge Harper  Pam Jackson Robin Melendez-Martin
Andrew Hawke  Lindsey James David Miller
Katie Herring  As̈a Johnson Rod Moran
Amy Hicks  Emiley Locey Kathy Neira
Emily Ice  YuLun (Jade) Lu Kim Nguyen
Michael Lathan  Amanda Miller Stacey Polk
Jack Long  Nicholas Moore Benito Salazar
Monica Madrid  Peter Palacios Gerald Shepherd
Vishal Malhotra Julie Payne Craig Stone
Linda Mckeiver  Anna Phelan Luke Taylor
Sharukh Mithani  Danette Robertson Patrick Tharp
Matthew Moore  Eva Ruiz-DuVall Elias Vazquez
Minerva Morales  Nikki Sparks Margarita Venegas
Lauri Morrow  Mary Speight Ellen Wall
Antoinette Murphy  Jessica N. Stone Rhiannon White
Aaliyah Navarro  Heather Treadway  
Lynne Odell  Heather Tunnell  
Cheryl Pelham  Dana Wagner  
Alysa Perkins  Dan Wenk  
Douglas Renner  Keshia Wilkins  
Heather Rich    
Patricia Rodriguez    
Rick Rodriguez     
Kalyan sai Gudikadi    
Joy Short     
Paul Smith     
Rochelle Sykes     
Cassie Thomas     
Shunta Thomas     
Jacob Toledo-Ruiz      
Christopher Turlington                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Jorge Vazquez     
Bill Wasson     
Janelle West     
Timothy White     
Zach Yeager     


Deconstructing the Difficult Conversation LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance and Conduct Problems LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Foundations of Supervision LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Coaching for Performance LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Performance Management LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Facilitating Effective Performance Evaluations LearnHSC UNT Bridge
The Employee Lifecycle LearnHSC UNT Bridge
The Art of Successful Coaching LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Supervisor Communication Skills LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Managing Remote Workers LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Leading Change for Supervisors LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Have an Engagement Action Planning Conversation with Your Team LearnHSC  


Managing Stress and Anxiety LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Clifton Strengths LearnHSC UNT Bridge
How to Handle Change LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Emotional Intelligence LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Communicating with Confidence LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Attitude: A Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Customer Service Principles Communication LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Skillful Collaboration LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Developing Positive Relationships LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Dealing with Challenging Attitudes:  From the Inside Out LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Resolving Conflict LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Communication Styles LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Productive Work Habits LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Customer Service Principles:  Problem Solving LearnHSC UNT Bridge
De-escalation Techniques:  How to Communicate Effectively with Upset People LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Communication Skills:  Part 1 LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Communication Skills Part 2 LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Engaging with Empathy LearnHSC UNT Bridge
How to Manage Your Emotions LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Strategies for Flourishing in the New Normal: Is it even possible? LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Managing Up LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Understanding & Boosting Motivation LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Perception Checking LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Leading a Difficult Conversation as a Non-Supervisor LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Multi-Generational Workplace LearnHSC UNT Bridge
Resume Tips LearnHSC UNT Bridge
OKR Development Workshop LearnHSC UNT Bridge

LinkedIn Learning is provided free of charge to UNT System students, faculty and staff and can be accessed by using your work email. You can browse through more than 10,000 courses, some of which offer multi-language access.

How do I register for classes?

You can enroll in live training, virtual training and/or online training classes using UNT Bridge (UNT, UNT Dallas, UNT System Administration employees) or LearnHSC (UNTHSC employees).  These learning management systems will save your training record and provide the option for a certificate if needed.

  1. Login to UNT Bridge or LearnHSC
  2. Click on the Learning Library or Training Calendar
  3. Browse to locate a live training session or an online course
  4. Click on Details for additional information
  5. Click on View Session to register for a live or virtual training.  Click on Enroll to begin an online course.

Who can attend training and development classes?
Faculty, staff and student employees are eligible to attend training. Most classes are offered at no cost.  A supervisor’s consent is required to attend.

Do I have to use my personal time off (vacation, floating holiday) to attend?
Policies allow employees to attend classes during work hours. Supervisory approval is required before registration. Learn more:

How do I cancel a class registration?
Go to My Learning in UNT Bridge or LearnHSC

How do I use LinkedIn Learning?
LinkedIn Learning is integrated with UNT Bridge or LearnHSC.

How do I contact someone in Organizational Development & Engagement?
Email us at