Healthcare Benefits

Deductibles, coinsurance maximums and out-of-pocket maximums reset annually. In the HealthSelectSM plans, they start over on January 1. That means, for example, you might pay more for a prescription in January than you paid in December, until you reach the $50 prescription drug deductible. In addition, if you had previously met your coinsurance maximum of $2,000 this will reset to $0.00 again January 1.

To make the most of your benefits, consider getting prescriptions filled and/or medical services completed before December 31. Visit to learn more about your health plan.

Life Changes for Active Employees

When you experience a qualifying life event (QLE), you have the opportunity to add or change coverage for yourself or additional family members. The following QLEs will allow you to add and/or drop you, your spouse, and/or child(ren) to coverage within the first 31 days of the event.

Timing is everything

If changes are not made within 31 days of the event, you will need to wait until the next enrollment period. Note: Changes are effective the first of the month following your qualifying life event date with the exception of the birth of a child, adopting a child and gaining a medical support order (MSO) in which coverage takes effect as of the QLE date.

  • Confirm that you have a qualifying life event (see above).
  • Identify and use the correct reason for the change when making changes to your account.
  • Complete a Dependent Child Certification Form if adding a dependent child.
  • Note that changes are effective the first of the month following your qualifying life event date.