Required Workplace Posters

On-Site and Remote Display Requirements

  • Electronic posting strongly encouraged for remote workers
  • Each poster must be clearly visible
  • Both the English and Spanish versions of a poster must be displayed if a Spanish version is available from the issuing organization
  • Posters may not be bound, clipped, stacked, or filed together as a set
  • Departments with multiple offices or separate floors may post additional workplace posters so all employees have access; if not, it is recommended that Human Resources annually communicate to employees the location of their department's workplace posters

Examples of Conspicuous Locations

  • Lunch or break room
  • Lobby or reception area
  • Locations where notices to employees are customarily posted
  • Locations where employees congregate

Applicants - Workplace Posters

Employees - Required Workplace Posters


Recommended/Optional Workplace Posters

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To view Workplace Posters as provided by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL):

Equal Employment Opportunity Posters  |  U.S. Department of Labor Workplace Posters


**Note:  Communicable Diseases poster only required in facilities where law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMS employees, paramedics, and correctional officers’ work.

As an institution of higher education, we are exempt from OSHA mandatory reporting requirements.