Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

The University of North Texas System Administration is committed to maintaining an environment free from sexual assault and retaliation. Conduct that is inconsistent with this commitment will not be tolerated at any location, program or other activity associated with the UNT System.

Employees must promptly report incidences of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator that they learn about in the course and scope of their employment when the employee reasonably believes sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence or stalking) has been committed by or against an individual who was employed at UNT System or enrolled as a student at the time of the incident. This includes instances when individuals with no affiliation with UNT System are either allegedly victimized by a UNT System employee or are accused of committing an offense against an UNT System employee. The Reporting form can be found here

PLEASE BE AWARE: Completing this form does not constitute a police report or a misconduct report. Individuals can make a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement entity, or with the respective University of North Texas campus police departments where the behavior occurred. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

You can also report to the Title IX Coordinator at or 817.735.5919

Other Campus Reports

Find and submit a report of sexual misconduct at the other UNT campus locations:

Please direct questions to the Title IX Coordinator at or 817.735.5919