• Faculty
  • Staff
  • Hourly
  • Student

Employee Changes (within Department) when you need to change an employee’s

  • Position (e.g. job title, etc.)
  • Status (e.g. leave without pay, etc.)     
  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Salary/Wage

Terminate an employee

Vacant position changes

  • Changing the position details
  • Inactivating a position
  • Ending a position
  • Adding a new position

ePAR EIS Tiles

To access the ePAR EIS tiles, navigate to my.untsystem.edu, signing in with your EUID and Password. Select “Department Self Service” homepage, then select the “ePAR” tile. The ePAR tiles available are:

  • Add a new ePAR – initiate a new transaction
  • Update/Submit an open ePAR – Draft transactions are stored here; pushed or pulled back ePARs become draft transactions
  • Display a Submitted ePAR – transactions pending approval or have been approved are stored here
  • Approve an ePAR – transactions pending action from you as an approver

ePAR Training Courses

Introduction to ePAR UNT Bridge HSC Learn

Classification and Reclassification

UNT Bridge HSC Learn
ePAR How To Series:    
     Salaried Hire UNT Bridge HSC Learn
     Hourly Hire UNT Bridge HSC Learn
     Task Hire UNT Bridge HSC Learn
     Employee Change Within Department UNT Bridge HSC Learn
     Termination UNT Bridge HSC Learn
     Vacant Position Change UNT Bridge HSC Learn