New Employee Onboarding and Orientation


Onboarding is the process of creating a formal employment record for a newly hired employee in EIS in order for them to be paid.   Once the background check is completed, the new hire will receive an email with a link to the electronic onboarding system.

Student Employment Onboarding

All student employees must be registered to complete onboarding. For UNT students, registrations are completed by Career Service Center. For HSC and UNT Dallas students, registrations are completed by the Talent Acquisition department.

If Onboarding is not completed on schedule, the new employee’s starting date – and pay – could be delayed.


Once the I-9 and  E-Verify process has been completed.  An Electronic Payroll Action Request (ePar) must be created and approved by the hiring department and Human Resources before system access is granted to the new hire.

  • After an ePar is approved, Payroll manages time and labor records submitted by department managers, if applicable.
  • When an employee has a job change (retirement, to take another job, dismissed) an ePar to stop monthly salary payments must be submitted by the department manager.


All new Faculty and Staff must attend New Employee Orientation (NEO).  New Staff are notified of their scheduled NEO within their offer letter. UNT and UNTDallas New Faculty are invited to New Faculty Orientation held prior to the first day of school.   UNTHSC Faculty are notified of orientation within their offer letter.

Form I-9 & E-Verify

Onboarding includes the Federal Eligibility for Employment Verification form, also known as Form I-9, which is proof of identify and proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
All hiring managers must ensure that employees – faculty, staff, student, hourly non-student – provide verification to designated I-9 approvers who use the federal E-Verify process. Newly hired employees cannot be added in the payroll system until the Form I-9 and E-Verify process has been completed.

Remote employees who will be officed outside of the D/FW metroplex need to contact for arrangements to complete Form I-9.

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