Manager Toolkit

Welcome to your one-stop shop for manager resources!  The Manager Toolkit will make it easier and more convenient for you to find what you need. We expect this to be a “living” resource, so feedback will be invaluable as we work to enhance this resource and ensure it meets the evolving needs over time.

quick links icon Quick Links

For your convenience, this section holds links for easy access to commonly-requested resources.

Contacting HR Icon Contacting HR

Your HR Business Partner serves as your personal consultant on all human resources-related issues.  Click on the first link to see the areas they serve to discover your partner.


talking icon Values and Mission

Use the values toolkit for incorporating our shared values into how you manage your team.  The mission of each institution is also linked  to assist you in leading strategic conversations between the institutions and to create the passion and pride in what we stand for with your team.


Employee Leave Types Icon Hiring Team Members

In this section, you will find many resources to support you through the hiring process, including interviewing tips, search committees, how to advertise, and many more helpful tips. If you are hiring a staff position, the Talent Acquisition team in HR would love to assist you in creating a successful candidate pool.


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Email Direct:

Onboarding Icon Onboarding Your New Employees

As a manager, you play an important role guiding new employees as they begin their journey towards a successful and fulfilling career. These onboarding tools will guide you and your employees before their first day of work through their first year, with tips and resources.


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Compensation Icon Paying Your Employees

We are committed to providing a compensation program that is equitable, competitive, transparent, and strategic.  Use these links and resources to request an employee promotion, raise, and update/create a new position.

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Managing Time IconManaging Employee's Schedule & Work Location

Flexible Work Arrangements allow staff to have different work schedules and/or work from a location other than their office or cubicle, when appropriate and as approved by their supervisor(s).


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Managing Time Icon Managing Employee's Time Off

In addition to vacation and sick leave, there are variety of paid and unpaid leave types, including paid leave for fitness, floating holidays, well-being, jury duty, voting, donating blood, etc.  Use these links to discover existing benefits and the rules for managing them.


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Contacting HR Icon Managing Your Team's Performance

There are many tools and resources available to assist you in defining performance goals, checking in on their progress, fine-tuning goals as priorities change, and delivering an impactful and positive annual performance evaluation experience.


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Employee Leave Types Icon Rewarding & Recognizing Your Team

These resources will assist you in accessing the employee recognition programs throughout our campuses.


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Leaving Icon  Managing An Exiting Employee

As a manager, it is important to be prepared to collect equipment, remove data access, collect keys and badges, and make the proper entry to note their last day in the payroll system. 


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Learning Icon Growing as a Manager

Free on-demand training and required training is available through our central repository for employee training in UNT Bridge and Learn HSC. 





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Central Repository for Training

Equal Opportunity

Organizational Development & Engagement (ODE) Resources:

Additional Resources

Excited IconDeveloping & Motivating Your Employees

Here you will find resources for individualized and team development opportunities.


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Central Repository for Training:

Employee Leave Types Icon Building Engagement With Your Team

Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. These resources will support you in your journey to build engagement with your team.


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Employee Leave Types Icon Spending, Budgeting, and Balancing

Here you will find resources about the purchasing card process, when it is appropriate to seek travel reimbursements, and where to get training for processing financial transactions.


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Budgeting & Balancing

Main Websites: UNT, HSC, UNTD, UNTSA

Onboarding Icon Staying Informed of Policy & Procedures

The links here will guide you through the record retention process, show you where to go for all policies, link to some important IT guides, and how to contact the integrity and compliance office for assistance interpreting policy, assessing risk, and determining how to create a process that is compliant with legislation. 


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Contacting HR Icon Promoting Well-being & Use of Wellness Resources

Here you will find links to support your team through mental, emotional, physical, social, and financial wellbeing events and resources.  Resources include free family, legal, or financial counseling, a paid day off through the Well-being Leave Credit and breaks throughout the week with Fitness Leave. 


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talking icon Promoting Benefits and Perks

Here you can become familiar with the many perks and benefits we offer at our various locations and share them with your team.  There are cultural, educational, and social opportunities daily.  


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talking icon Being Prepared for Emergencies

Here you will find links to assist you with emergency notifications, worker's compensation rules, risk management services, and emergency preparedness information.



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Recruitment Icon Requesting a Repair or Service Request

Who do you contact when a pipe bursts or your phone stops working?  Here are some quick links to commonly needed support services.


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Our Shared Values


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