Leaving the University

Faculty and staff who resign, retire, transfer to another State of Texas agency or higher education location, or leave employment for any reason must complete the retirement and/or separation process.

An exit interview or meeting is not required, but all departing employees must complete the online Off Boarding process and specific steps at their component.

Steps to end employment for any reason are completed online with the Off Boarding process; learn more by contacting your Campus Human Resources department.

All departing employees also must complete a clearance/exit form and submit it to their department manager (UNT, UNT Dallas and College of Law, UNT System Administration) or campus police department (UNTHSC.)

Here are steps to take to ensure a smooth departure:

  • Print the exit form, obtain signatures, and return it to your department supervisor, or at UNTHSC, to the Police Department.
  • Update your address by logging in at MySystem. Be sure your records show a correct preferred address, phone and email, so future correspondence will not be delayed.
  • The final paycheck will be direct deposited. Check with your departmental payroll representative to verify.

Employees who have more than six months of state service and are not transferring to another state agency will be paid for vacation time. If you leave employment mid-month, any unused vacation time is generally applied until the end of the month. Any remaining vacation time will then be paid in a lump sum.

If you transfer to another state agency, which includes another UNT System component, your vacation and sick leave balances will transfer only if there is no interruption in service.

There is no payment for unused sick leave. You may donate your unused sick leave to the Sick Leave Pool to assist colleagues who are experiencing catastrophic illnesses or circumstances.

Non-exempt employees will be paid for any remaining compensatory time.

SB20 Notification to Exiting Employees

In the 2015 legislative session, the Texas Legislature passed SB20, which revises the Texas Government Code and Education Code related to state agency procurement and contracting. SB20 prohibits former state employees involved in procurement or contract negotiation from accepting employment from the companies they negotiated with on behalf of the former state agency.

The prohibition lasts two years from the end date of the employee’s state agency employment. Here is the Government Code provision in full:

Texas Government Code Sec. 572.069. CERTAIN EMPLOYMENT FOR FORMER STATE OFFICER OR EMPLOYEE RESTRICTED. A former state officer or employee of a state agency who during the period of state service or employment participated on behalf of a state agency in a procurement or contract negotiation involving a person may not accept employment from that person before the second anniversary of the date the officer's or employee's service or employment with the state agency ceased.