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What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement plays a strategic role across the UNT System. Strong engagement increases emotional or psychological commitment to the UNT System and its campuses, and motivates faculty and staff to do their best work while contributing to organizational success. Employee engagement is about the connections we have with our work and workplace and the relationships we build with the people we work with. Relationships and connections are important to our well-being and our commitment to what we “do.” Engaged employees have a personal connection to the success of the organization. Engaged employees are psychologically committed to their work, go above and beyond their basic job expectations, and want to play a key role in fulfilling the mission of their organizations.

Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.

If engagement’s focus on connections and relationships has you thinking this is not a topic for you, then stop and consider this: commitment determines how hard employees work and how long they stay. Engaged employees lead to higher levels of performance, and higher levels of retention.

Hear from our leaders across UNT System on how they have used the results from the Gallup Engagement to help their teams.

Gallup Survey Updates


The 2022 Gallup Engagement Survey ran from October 3rd to October14th.  Below you will find engagement training sessions as well as a link to the Gallup Portal which will take you to the most recent completed survey results.  For engagement support or questions, please email us at

Engagement Action Planning is an important next step that every team should have following a review of their engagement survey results.  To watch a live recorded training on how to have an engagement action planning session with your team, please click on the appropriate learning system link below.

Gallup Portal: Click Here for Gallup Survey Results


For a guided tour and explanation on how to read your report view the recording of our live training

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Engagement Action Planning   LearnHSC   UNT Bridge