Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Important Contact Information

Important Phone Numbers  
Employees Retirement System (ERS)

(877) 275-4377

Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

(800) 223-8778
TexFlex/Wage Works (844) 884-2364
Blue Cross Blue Shield  (800) 252-8039
Delta Dental (888) 818-7925
Optum RX Prescription Drugs (866) 336-9371
Optum Bank (HSA)

(800) 791-9361

Dependent Verification/Alight Solutions

(800) 987-6605

FMLA Source (844) 837-9301
FMLA Source Fax

(877) 309-0218

Reed Group (STD) (855) 604-6230


Important Websites  
Employees Retirement System (ERS)

Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

Blue Cross Blue Shield

FMLA Source


ERS Benefit Questions

Q: My health insurance is already effective, but I haven’t received my health insurance cards.  What do I need to do?
A: Your cards are delivered about 7-10 business days after your insurance is effective. If you need to access care before you receive your cards, you can give your doctor’s office the group number 238000 along with your SSN and the phone number to Blue Cross Blue Sheild.  The doctor’s office can use this information to verify your insurance eligibility over the phone.  If you are trying to pick up a prescription give the pharmacy the below information:
Optum RX:
Optum RX:

RxBin: 610494
RxPCN: 9999
Issuer (80840): 9151014609

Q: Where do I go to update my beneficiary?
A: If you are updating your beneficiary for your retirement plan through TRS, you will have to call TRS directly to update that information.  If you are updating it through ORP, then you’ll want to contact your investment vendor who is handling your ORP account.  If you are updating your beneficiary for your benefits, you will have to call ERS or log into your ERS account and click the link that says “update beneficiary.”  We do NOT accept any beneficiary information or forms in our office; you must contact either TRS or ERS directly.

Q: I logged into my ERS account and enrolled in benefits, however when my Benefits Summary comes up it says “waived” on all of the benefit options, what do I need to do?
A: On the Benefits Summary in ERS, you need to change the date in the box on the left hand side of the screen to match the date on the right hand side of the screen.  When you press “go” it will populate all the benefits you have elected.  The optional benefits (dental, AD&D, Optional Life, Disabilities, Dependent Life) will be effective the first of the month after you enrolled. Ex: If you enrolled on May 10th, then they will be effective June 1st.  The health insurance will be effective the first of the month following the 60th day of employment. If the 60th day falls on the first day of the month, then it will start that day. With the May 10th example coverage would begin August 1st.  Please note that does not update immediately, as long as benefits are effective with ERS coverage is confirmed.

Q: Does UNT offer any other health coverage I can elect during my waiting period for health insurance?
A: No, you will have to have an outside coverage policy until your health insurance begins if you want to be covered during that time period. For example, some new employees continue their coverage with their previous employer through COBRA or they enroll on their spouse’s plan.

Q: Where do I go to find a Primary Care Physician or Facility that is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield?
A: You can go to and click the tab that says “Find a Doctor/Hospital” at the top of the screen. This will take you to a page where you can do a provider search by the provider’s name/facility name or by zip code.  Be sure that BCBS has the physician’s information on file so that a new id card with the PCP name can be sent out. You can do this on through the BCBS website or you can call.

Q: I can’t find the registration button on the ERS website, where do I go?
A: On the homepage of the ERS website, click “My Account Login” at the top right of the screen.  Then you will click, “Register Now” or “Proceed to Login” (both take you to the same screen).  This will take you to a login screen.  On the bottom right side, there is a “Register” button.  This will allow you to set up your login information in order to create a personal account with ERS.  * Should make the PHC doc available to campuses.

Q: Where can I go to find out more about a particular benefit?
A: Visit the ERS website, and click the “Active Employees” tab, then select the desired benefit for more information on the left side of the screen.

Q: How much will it be to add my spouse/dependents to the Plan?
A: Go to the ERS website and click on the “ Active Employees” tab.  Then, on the left side of the screen click “Rate Calculator.”   Click this link and it will bring up pdf’s of the current year’s premium rates.  

Q: I’m a new hire and the ERS website blocks me from doing a Post Hire Change to enroll in benefits online, what do I need to do?
A: You must wait until your first day of employment to do a Post Hire Change to enroll in your benefits.  If you are past your first day of employment, contact a Benefits Coordinator at 940-369-7650, toll free at 855-868-4357 or to double check your record in ERS.  

Q: How can I update my benefits if I have had a Qualifying Life Event?
A: When you experience a qualifying life event, you have the opportunity to add or change coverage for yourself or additional family members within the first 31 days of the event date. Changes cannot be made until the actual event date. To verify if your event would qualify, go to the ERS website, click on the “Employees” tab, then on the left side of the screen click on the link for “Life Events.”

(2 options)

  1. To update your benefits, login to your ERS account and click on the link for “Family Status Change.”  Identify the correct reason for the Family Status Change and enter the event date.  Once this is done, it will bring up all the benefit options for you to update.  If changes are NOT made within the first 31 days of the event, then you will have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment period to make the appropriate changes/updates.
  2. You can also call ERS directly and they will update your benefits over the phone on a recorded line.

Retirement Questions

Q: When can I sign up for the 403(b) Plan or the Texa$aver 457 Plan?
A: You can start, stop, or update your contributions for these accounts at any-time.  For the 403(b) Plan you can log in to to sign up and for the 457 Plan, you can go to or call (800) 634-5091 to enroll.

Q: Where do I go to sign up for the Optional Retirement Program (ORP)?
A: The employee must be eligible for ORP based off of their job code or participation in ORP from a previous Texas state higher education institution.

Before you can enroll you must FIRST:

  • Complete the TRS-28 Form: This form (found on the TRS website must be completed to elect ORP in lieu of TRS.  Once this form is completed the original needs to be returned to the Benefits team (1112 Dallas Dr., Suite 4000 Denton, TX 76205).  The employer section of the form will be filled out by the Benefits team and Payroll, and then sent to TRS on behalf of the employee.  
  • Create an account with Net Benefits: . Click on “Register” in the top right hand corner to create your account. The next page will ask you to verify your identity so you will fill out the requested information there and move on to the next steps. I have provided a “how to guide” for Netbenefits in case you need to reference it in the future.  If you choose Fidelity as your vendor, you can click the tab “investments” and select your fund options for you ORP account, and also set up your beneficiary on the homepage of Netbenefits.  If you pick another vendor (TIAA, Valic or Voya), you will receive a confirmation statement on the screen after you follow the enrollment steps.  The confirmation will have a link to those vendors’ web portals for you to setup login credentials and setup your fund options and beneficiary.

Q: I am leaving employment with UNT, what can I do about my Teacher Retirement System (TRS) contributions?
A: You can fill out the TRS 6 Form – Application For Refund, found on the TRS website.  This form will allow you to refund the contributions back to you* – this option will be taxed, or you can select the option for a direct rollover.  You may also have the option to leave your money with TRS and keep your account active.  You will not be allowed to contribute additional dollars to the active account, but you will earn the percentage of interest each August (employee does not have to fill out form for this option).  Those who are not vested may not be eligible to earn interest for funds left with TRS. Call TRS to verify your status. Once the TRS 6 form is completed and notarized, the form needs to be mailed directly to TRS at the address listed on the top of the form.

Q: Can I contribute more/less to my TRS/ORP account?
A: No, the contribution amounts are set by state legislation. The current employee contribution to TRS is set to 7.7%. The state matches 7.5%. The current employee contribution to ORP is 6.65% while the state matches 6.6%. For additional contributions, UNT provides 2 voluntary tax deferred accounts (403b and Texa$aver 457).

Q: Does HR/UNT have anyone that can notarize my paperwork?
A: Yes, the HR Benefits team can notarize the form for you. Please do NOT sign and date the form until you are in front of a notary.

Q: I have questions about retirement eligibility, who can I talk to?
A: A member of the Benefits team can help guide you in determining eligibility for retirement and answer questions you may have.  You can contact the benefits team at  940-369-7650, toll free at 855-868-4357.

FMLA Questions

Q: What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
A: The Family and Medical Leave Act provides 12 weeks of job protected leave due to eligible medical conditions. FML is not paid leave but state paid insurance premiums will continue to be covered while out. To be eligible for FML you must have at least 12 months of service with the state and worked 1,250 hours within the last 12 months.

Q: How do I apply for Family and Medical Leave?
A:The application process for Family and Medical Leave is done through FMLA Source. To apply for FML you can start a case at or call 1-844-837-9301. FMLA Source has all the forms needed and can coordinate with your Physician’s office.

Q: What do I do if I don’t meet the requirements for Family and Medical Leave for the birth, adoption or fostering of a child?
A: You can apply for Parental Leave. To apply for Parental Leave employees can start a case at or call 1-844-837-9301. It is important to note that while out on Parental Leave employees will be responsible for the state portion of their health premiums.

Q: How can I find out more information regarding Family and Medical Leave?
A: Visit the HR System website for more details or the Department of Labor website –

Q: Who do I contact if I’m on Family and Medical Leave and did not get paid?
A: Please contact your department timekeeper to review your leave balances.  If you have already done so, please contact the Payroll Department at the BSC.

Q: What is the difference between Sick Leave Pool and Sick Leave Donation?
A: Sick Leave Pool (SLP) is sick leave hours donated by other agency employees. Eligible employees facing a catastrophic illness can pull sick leave hours from the pool. The lifetime maximum an employee can use is 720 hours. Sick Leave Donation (SLD) allows eligible employees to donate directly to other eligible employees within the same state agency. SLD is for serious health conditions lasting four or more days, there is no limit to the amount of donations a recipient can receive.

Sick Leave Pool (SLP)

Q: I would like to request Sick Leave Pool, who do I contact?
A: Please contact the Leave Coordinator by email –  or call 940-369-7650 (option 5).  You can also find the Sick Leave Pool Form and Physician’s Certification Form on the HR System website.

Q: I applied for sick pool leave but did not get paid, who do I contact?
A: If you have not received an approval or denial sick pool letter, please contact the FMLA Coordinator by email –  or call 940-369-7650 (Option 5).  However, if you received an approval letter please contact your department timekeeper.

Q: Where do I send my Sick Leave Pool Donation form?
A:Employees and Managers can email it to or fax it to 940-369-5530.

Sick Leave Donation (SLD)

Q: Where can I find the application for Sick Leave Donation?
A: Contact the Leave Coordinator by email – or by phone –940-369-7650 (option 5). FMLA Source can also provide employees applying for FML with the application.

Q: Do I have to be covered under FML to qualify for Sick Leave Donation?
A: No, employees do not have to be out on FML to use Sick Leave Donation but the recipient of the donation will need to complete a physician certification.

Q: Is there a limit to how much time I can donate?
A:  Employees can donate as much time as they have accrued to date. All employees must be in retirement eligible positions and work within the same state agency.