Well-being Leave

Well-being Leave Credit offers eight hours of paid time off upon completion of a physical exam as well as an online health risk assessment each fiscal year beginning September 1 to August 31.  Please note: documentation must be provided using this date range for current fiscal year.  This benefit is available for all faculty and staff who currently accrue leave.  To receive the 8 hours of Well-being leave, please provide documentation of your 1) physical exam and 2) health risk assessment to your Benefits Advisors for your campus by email (or to HRBenefits@untsystem.edu).  Please don't send documentation that contains personal medical information such as diagnoses, results, etc.  

Once your documentation's received and the leave hours have been allocated, your Benefits Advisor will confirm with you by email that you've been awarded the leave credit.  You will not see the leave in your balances, but now will have the "Wellness Award Taken" time reporting code ("TRC") in your list of codes when entering eLeave.

Completing the assessment and other activities also earn you BluePoints to spend in the BluePoints online store for items such as kitchenware, fitness gear, tech gadgets, video games and more.

View the accompanying video for more on how to take the health assessment and download the certificate.  Learn about BluePoints in the video, as well, or log in to your account at healthselectoftexas.com

Fitness Leave (UNT)

UNT Employees who are eligible to accrue leave may use Fitness Leave. Fitness leave may be used for a time period of up to thirty (30) minutes, three days per week, to participate in exercise.

  • To request Fitness Leave, complete the Fitness Leave Request form and submit it to your immediate supervisor for approval.  
  • The department retains the approved form for the departmental record.
  • Employee enters eLeave using "Faculty/Staff Fitness" leave type.

Fitness Leave Request Form

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