Military Leave

  • The University of North Texas System supports employees who serve in state or federal military units and provides employment protections, rights and benefits to those employees who serve our country.  
  • Military leave generally falls within one of four categories; 1) Annual or Short-Term Paid Military Leave, 2) Extended Unpaid Military Leave, 3) Military Leave During National Emergency, and 4) Military Leave During National Guard Emergency.  
  • More information about these types of military leave, applicable benefits and related information are included in the military leave policies below.
  • All deploying military members are encouraged to contact to discuss benefit options and to receive other assistance.

Military Leave Policies:

Family and Medical Leave:

  • Employees who are the spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin of a covered service member may be eligible to receive up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave in a rolling 12-month period to provide care for a covered servicemember with a serious injury or illness, or to perform certain pre- or post-deployment activities.
  • For more information and instructions on how to apply for FMLA, and for links to FMLA policies, please visit the UNTS FMLA webpage or email