First Week

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New employee builds knowledge of internal processes and performance expectations.  Employee begins settle into the new work environment.


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Benefits and Wellness

  • Encourage the employee to:

Scheduling and Job Duties

  1. The manager should discuss:
  2. Discuss job description and performance expectations
  3. Describe your leadership style and preferred methods of communication
  4. Describe the impact of the employee's position
  5.  Discuss expectations for:
    • teamwork and collegiality
    • department and campus strategic goals
    •  weekly reports and/or monthly metric reports, if applicable
  6. Review department's Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and related check-ins
  7. Explain policies and procedures relating to:
    • reporting procedures for employee leave  (to include: vacation, sick leave, and holidays)
    • timekeeping practices, overtime, and compensatory time, etc
    • Flexible Work Arrangement (if applicable)
      • Employees and their supervisors should complete the Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) training before submitting a request form.
  8. Schedule regular meetings:
    • weekly/biweekly
    • 30-day check-ins
    • 90-day check-ins


  1. Touch base each day to help the new employee acclimate and feel welcomed and included.
  2. Ask if they attended New Employee Orientation (NEO) or are scheduled for an upcoming NEO.
    • Do they have any follow-up questions or feedback?
    • If they missed NEO, manager will contact the HR department and will reschedule.
  3. Make sure the employee knows who to ask for information. Help the employee feel comfortable asking tough questions.
  4. Arrange for a personal welcome from the department leader and the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP).


  • Confirm the employee has fully functioning computer, appropriate system access and understands how to use the system.
  • Ensure the new employee can access Information Technology's resources and support, when necessary.    

Learning and Development

Ensure the employee is familiar with UNT Bridge or LearnHSC. Training is one way to engage in learning opportunities. Other professional development opportunities include mentoring, on-the-job experiences, job shadowing and networking are available. There are many resources to browse on the ODE site and the training calendar is updated frequently.


As a manager, your employees need to know all applicable university and department policies. The policy page provides a list of all university policies that should be reviewed during the early days of an employee’s employment.


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