First Day

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New employee feels welcomed and prepared to start working.  Employee begins to understand what it means to a part of UNT System, their position, and job expectations.

Scheduling and Job Duties

  1. Welcome and introduction to the team and unit/department.
  2. Discuss the following:
    • Job description, including responsibilities, and expectations
    • Clarify the first week’s schedule
    • Confirm work schedule expectations
    • Confirm with Talent Acquisition that section 2 (employer portion) of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification is completed by the employer.


  • Provide your new employee with a warm welcome.  Plan to begin and end the day with the new hire.
  • Introduce employee to others in the workplace.
  • Introduce employee to their onboarding partner, if applicable.
  • If possible, arrange to give employee some swag as a welcoming gift.
  • Optional: Take employee out to lunch and/or arrange for onboarding partner or team members to do so.
  • Provide staff list/directory.
    • Include important telephone numbers, including the new employee’s contact information

Workspaces and Locations

  1. Introduce and familiarize new employee to their workspace.
  2. Take new employee on a building tour and explain key areas:
    • Restrooms, copy machine, printers, office supplies, break rooms, conference rooms, etc.
    • Nearby food and services; including vending machines
    • The new employee's unit/department
  3. Provide department or building-specific safety and emergency information:

Access and Parking

New employee will be set up for success by having all their tools ready and accessible.  As a manager, assist the new employee with the following resources or delegate to a fellow employee or the onboarding partner to help.

  • Obtain ID Badge (UNT CampusUNT Dallas CampusHSC Campus), if applicable.
  • Set up parking passes for assigned home campus.  Alternately, a temporary parking pass can be ordered via the online parking portal (UNT Campus, UNT Dallas Campus, HSC Campus).
    • Note: System Administration employees should follow protocols of the campus assigned at their work location.
  • Give employee key(s) and building access card, if applicable.


Computer and/or system access may not be available on the employee's first day.  Ensure clear, concise communication is done between the hiring representative, the manager and the IT department to assist with smooth transition of technology needs.

Ensure the employee's technology is good for the following:

  1. Computer
  2. Microsoft TEAMS access
  3. Microsoft Outlook to include signature template (refer to brand guidelines)
  4. Phone and Voicemail
  5. Shared drive access

IT Get Help page can be utilized with IT contact information and ServiceNow requests.

Learning and Development

Introduce employee to UNT Bridge training or LearnHSC, a website that outlines opportunities for learning and development. Confirm required training has been assigned and recommend additional learning opportunities. Demonstrate how to access training and encourage them to take additional, helpful courses.


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