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Congratulations on accepting your new opportunity at the University of North Texas System!

  • Open the “Invitation to Complete New Hire Onboarding” email, which is sent to your personal email ( the one used to apply for the job), and follow the directions and links:
    • Activate your Enterprise User Identification (EUID) and create your system password in the UNT-Account Management System.
    • Launch the electronic onboarding via the Employee Self Service link and complete all Onboarding steps.
    • Within three days, from your start date, all new employees are required to complete their I-9 employment verification and present supporting documents for I-9 employment eligibility verification as evidence of identity and employment authorization.  Section 1 of your I-9 will be done in the Onboarding steps.
  • Expect to be contacted by your hiring representative to:
    • Confirm your start date and time, where and to whom to report on the first day; get information on what to bring on the first day and the dress code.
  • Review the Benefits Overview for new hires and see information on Benefits Orientation.
  • Explore each campus' websites for details on how to obtain your parking pass, if applicable.

Note:  UNT System Administration employees can access the campus parking site where they are located.


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