Your First Week at UNT System

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First Week

On your first week at UNT System, you will receive all the information about the job and be introduced to all the necessary resources to succeed.  You will learn about policies, procedures and the work environment.  Welcome to our UNT System family.

Benefits and Wellness

  1. Review your ERS New Employee Benefits Guide
  2. Healthcare Benefits – Refer to the Healthcare Benefits page for more information and remember the enrollment due dates.
  3. Mandatory Retirement Plans - Teacher Retirement System (TRS) Plan and Optional Retirement Program (ORP). 
    1. Visit our Retirement Plans page for more detailed information on retirement plans.  These plans are discussed in detail at the New Hire Benefits Orientation.  
  4. Well-being - The benefits department offers a well-being program that provides a myriad of resources for employees that can enhance their physical, interpersonal, and financial health.  Visit our Well-Being calendar to view the exciting programs available to you.

Scheduling and Job Duties

  1. Discuss with your manager:
    1.   UNT System's organizational chart
    2.   Departmental needs relating to:
    3.   How to navigate the unit/department's culture to be successful
    4.   Department and campus strategic goals
    5.   If applicable, end of month metrics reporting
    6.   Onboarding expectations and applicable trainings
    7.   Your first week's assignments
    8.   Recurring weekly/biweekly meetings expectations
    9.   30-day and 90-day check-ins
  2. Visit the Payroll page for details about paycheck access, tax information and Payroll Calendars

Connect with other UNT System employees

  1. Chat with your manager or colleagues about the department to increase your understanding of departmental goals, initiatives, and purpose within UNT System.
  2. Set up individual meetings, informal lunches, and coffee with your onboarding partner, if applicable.


UNT System utilizes a variety of applications and programs such as Microsoft Suite, ServiceNow, and PeopleSoft.  We utilize email communication through Outlook and phone services are through Microsoft Teams.  If you have an inquiry as to the technology you have access to, then please contact your supervisor.  If you need instruction on utilizing these applications or programs, then please go to UNT Bridge (UNT campus, SYS Admin, and UNT Dallas) or Learn HSC (for UNTHSC) to browse your training library.

Our Value Be CuriousLearning and Development

  1. Learn more about UNT System by completing any assigned training via UNT Bridge (UNT campus, SYS Admin, and UNT Dallas) or Learn HSC (for UNTHSC).
  2. You are encouraged to attend the  New Hire Benefits Orientation, which is held every Tuesday via Teams.
  3. Attend New Employee Orientation (you will receive a calendar invite as part of your onboarding communication).


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