On Your First Day

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First Day

On your first day, we want you to feel welcomed and prepared to start your journey by understanding what it means to be a part of the UNT System.

Scheduling and Job Duties

  1. Finish electronic Onboarding steps.
  2. Discuss the following with your manager:
    • Department-level onboarding; if applicable
    • Your job description, including responsibilities, and expectations
    • Your first week’s schedule and confirm meetings
  3. Employees must also present their employer with supporting documents for I-9 employment eligibility verification as evidence of identity and employment authorization within three days of their start date.  If you have not already completed your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, then please schedule an appointment with your HR to complete your I-9. 

Connect with other UNT System employees

  1. Meet your co-workers.
  2. Introduce yourself to others in the workplace.
  3. Meet your onboarding partner, if applicable.
  4. Review the staff directory.

Workspaces and Locations

  1. Setup personal workspace.
  2. Take a tour of your building and learn about key areas:
    • Restrooms, copy machine, printers, office supplies, break rooms, conference rooms, etc.
    • Nearby food and services; including vending machines
  3. Be aware of your department or building-specific safety and Emergency Guidelines:UNT Dallas System campus courtyard

Access and Parking

  1. Obtain ID badge (UNT Campus, UNT Dallas Campus, HSC Campus), if applicable.
  2. Obtain parking passes from your home campus.  Alternately, you can order a temporary parking pass via the online parking portal (UNT Campus, UNT Dallas Campus, HSC Campus).
    • Note:  System Administration employees should follow protocols of the campus assigned as their work location.
  3. Receive building or workspace access from manager or human resources representative, if applicable.


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