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Employee Leave

Faculty and staff who are retirement eligible also are eligible for leave programs. Time away from the workplace must be approved by the immediate supervisor, and may require additional approval by other administrators. Leave requests are managed electronically with the eLeave process.

These trainings will walk staff and managers through the policies regarding leave, the different types of leave, how to use leave, request leave, and approve leave.

Leave is governed by state law and by regulations approved by the UNT System Board of Regents, by the UNT System Administration, UNT System Human Resources, campus presidents and executive leadership at each location.

Check with your supervisor before planning to be away from the workplace. An unauthorized absence may affect pay.

More information on the COVID-19 Time and Leave reporting

Faculty and Staff Leave

The most commonly used leave types may be requested and/or recorded by contacting department supervisors. Common types of leave are sick, emergency leave for a funeral or bereavement, military, jury and witness duty. Family and Medical Leave Act (including maternity and paternity leave) and vacation.

A supervisor’s approval is required prior to most leave requests. Leave is requested and approved using the eLeave process. Faculty leave is managed by the Office of the Provost at each campus.

Leave may be offered for service dog assistance training, fitness programs, voting, foster parent activities, disaster assistance training and participation, and blood, organ and bone marrow donation. Leave for these reasons is managed by department supervisors at the employee's workplace location.

Military Leave

The System supports employees who serve in state or federal military units and provides employment protections, rights and benefits to those employees who serve our country.

Find policies, contact Campus Human Resources departments at each location:

Employees with military obligations may also contact a Benefits Coordinator or call the Records Center, 1-855-878-7650, Option 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, for assistance.

Inclement Weather

Location closures due to inclement weather or emergency situations are announced by each campus president or senior executive and are recorded by department timekeepers. To be automatically notified when emergency or weather situations occur:

You can also update your information at Screenshot of the 'Phone Numbers' section of

  1. Login
  2. Click on 'Personal Information'
  3. Click on 'Phone Numbers'

You can select which campuses' notifications you receive as well as un-enroll.

Policies and Regulations

Employees with questions about leave should carefully review the policy that affects their circumstances and their location. Faculty members should contact their department leader, dean or Provost regarding leave related to academic pursuits. Find policies:

Additional information may be found in these regulations: