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We are updating PeopleAdmin, which is the system used for faculty and staff recruiting across UNT World, as well as for our student employment recruiting at UNT Dallas. There are currently four instances of PeopleAdmin implemented across UNT World that are not cost-effective or operationally-efficient and we are going to change that.

In addition to updating Applicant Tracking, we purchased three additional modules –

  • Position (Description) Management (which will contain all staff job descriptions)
  • Onboarding (which will replace our current version)
  • Performance Management (which will replace our current staff evaluation processes)

We are implementing Position (Description) Management and Applicant Tracking first. We have a cross-functional team building the system based on feedback from users and expect these elements to go live before the end of the calendar year.
In the end, we will have one system for all of UNT World and all four modules will provide an improved user experience for applicants, hiring managers and end users. The upgrade will be cloud-based and mobile optimized. Look for additional announcements soon.

Please direct all questions to

Training Sessions


2/28: 2 PM - 4 PM
SBB 102


2/18: 2 PM - 4 PM
IREB 230


2/25: 130 PM - 330 PM

Please sign up for training sessions on the UNTSystem Learning Portal.

Managers with Current Open Positions in Old System

Current Candidate Situation Solution
I have a current position open in the old PeopleAdmin system and I am ready to interview or make an offer. Disposition all the candidates, interview and hire in the old system. If for some reason you don't hire anyone from the interviews, contact Talent Acquisition to repost in the new system.
I have a current open position in the old PeopleAdmin system. There are not enough good candidates to form a pool to interview. Disposition the candidates, keeping the viable ones in the old system. Post the job in the new system. Once you have a a viable interview pool, interview and if the candidate you want to hire is in the old system, hire them in the old system. If the candidate you want to hire is in the new system, hire them in the new system. It is important to disposition leftover candidates in their respective system.
I have a current open position in the old PeopleAdmin system, but don't have any viable candidates in the system. Disposition all candidates in the old system. Create a new posting in the new PeopleAdmin system. Contact Talent Acquisition for assistance.
I have a critical position that I want to post mid-November. You are encouraged to wait until 12/2 to post your opening in the new system. Otherwise, please know you will be working applicants in both systems. You will also need to disposition all candidates in both systems.