Creating a Hiring Proposal After Interview

Important:  Before you start this process, confirm the candidate you are hiring is in the “Recommend For Hire” status.  The Applicant Reviewer role is the one who moves candidates to Recommend For Hire.

First verify that you are logged in to the Applicant Tracking module.  Click the three dots in the top left-hand corner of the screen to change views.


Second, select the correct User Group.  Initiator or Supervisor are the only user roles who can start a hiring proposal.

Click on the Postings link to expand the dropdown menu and select the type of posting you wish to view. (Staff, Faculty, Hourly etc.)

You will only see the positions listed that you are able to access.

Click on the position that you are ready to offer.

Click on the applicant tab and select the candidate recommended for hire. **The selected applicant must be in the Recommend for Hire status in order to start the hiring proposal.

At the right side of the page, click on the “Start ATS Hiring Proposal” link.

Important – the person who starts the hiring proposal is the only one who can complete the process.  No one else can edit the hiring proposal. Contact if a hiring proposal needs to be cancelled.

The hiring proposal is important as the content is the basis for the offer letter.

Review the candidate information, the position number and enter the recommended annual salary. Do not use dollar signs or commas in this field.  If this is an hourly role, enter the hourly amount with no dollar signs. If this amount is above the budgeted salary, an ePAR must be submitted to increase the budgeted salary.  Once approved, enter that ePAR ID here.

Input the date you would like them to start employment.  Make sure to take into consideration time for the new hire to give notice at their current employer.  If this date should change in the future, email to correct the start date.

Click Save and Continue.

Hiring Proposal Documents (Optional)

Feel free to attach any documents associated with this hire –references, interview notes, etc. or you can keep them on file in your office.  Remember all documents associated with the hiring process must be kept for a minimum of two years.

Click Save and Continue.

Hiring Proposal Summary

Review the hiring proposal and then hover over the “Take Action on Hiring Proposal” and click “Approve” to send to the next level approver. 

If you are an Initiator, you can click “Initiator (move to Initiator)” and enter your name in order to be the only initiator that receives notification on this Hiring Proposal. 

Then click “Approve” to move to Supervisor.  You can enter any notes in the comment box as you forward on for approval.

The Department Head is the final approver on all hiring proposals. If you have more than one Department Head (like a delegate), all Department Heads will receive notifications.

Approving a Hiring Proposal (For Supervisor & Dept. Head)

  1. Access the PeopleAdmin system via, click the link to the PeopleAdmin system and log in using your EUID and password.
    Screenshot: Applicant Tracking System
  2. Click the three dots that are at the top left hand corner then select Applicant Tracking System.
  3. From the home page click the “Hiring Proposals” link from the “Inbox.”
    Screenshot: Hiring Proposal tab
  4. Locate and select the title of the position from the list that is presented.
  5. This will take you to the summary page of the hiring proposal, review the proposal and make edits if needed by selecting the edit link.
  6. Hover over the Take Action on Hiring Proposal button and make a selection from the drop-down menu. You can either Approve or return to the Initiator. You will have the opportunity to add comments to the request and to add the request to your “Watch List.”
    • Pay close attention to the requested salary and the budgeted amount. Any salary above midpoint must be sent to Compensation for approval. Any salary above the budgeted amount requires a new ePAR to be submitted.
  7. Once received by Talent Acquisition the Offer Letter will be initiated and sent to the hiring manager for approval.