Email Notifications

The upgraded PeopleAdmin system has the ability to notify users in the hiring departments when there are actions taken within the hiring process. The goal is to keep everyone in the hiring process updated on its status. Because some employees have a wide span of responsibility or support several large departments, this could generate several emails daily, which you may or may not want coming into your inbox.

For those in this situation, we recommend managing your notifications through Outlook rules and opting in/out of PeopleAdmin emails.

Outlook rules

We recommend creating an Outlook rule to automatically move PeopleAdmin email notifications to a folder to keep the Inbox neat.

  1. Create a new folder in Outlook by clicking on the 'Folder' tab and then the 'New Folder' button.
    Screenshot of 'Folder' tab in Outlook
  2. Name the new folder; we recommend PeopleAdmin Notifications.
  3. Create a rule to always move an email from to the new folder.
    Screenshot of 'Rule' button in Outlook
  4. Outlook allows you the option to also have the rule move the email according to words contained in the subject line.
    Screenshot of Rules options in Outlook

Manage email notifications within PeopleAdmin

You can also control what you get emailed about through the PeopleAdmin profile settings.

Please be careful of what you opt out of as you may elect not receive notifications that prompt you to approve actions in the system.


  1. Log into the PeopleAdmin system and click on “My Profile” at the top right corner.
    Screenshot of upper right menu when logged into PeopleAdmin
  2. Click on the “Manage Emails” tab. In this section, you can select emails from which to “opt out.”
    Screenshot of 'Manage Emails' tab


  1. When you are finished with your selection, scroll to the bottom and click “Update System Email Options”.
    Screenshot of update button on 'Manage Emails' tab