Retirement Plans

UNT System Enterprise benefit-eligible employees are required to participate in a retirement plan. We offer the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) plan, a defined benefit plan, to all eligible employees. Employees in a benefits-eligible position who work at least half-time (50% FTE, or 20 hours a week) are eligible to begin participation in TRS.

The Teacher Retirement System plan provides a lifetime annuity when the employee meets full retirement criteria as defined by TRS.

Additionally, we offer the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) to benefit-eligible employees in particular types of positions (such as faculty, certain administrative/executive positions, librarians, and athletic coaches, as examples). ORP eligibility is based on job code; additionally, an eligible employee will not have the option to elect ORP until their position is full-time at 1.0 FTE (100% effort or 40 hours/week for one full semester). They may continue participation if their position changes to less than full-time at a later date, but must be full-time to first become eligible.

Optional Retirement Program participants’ retirement income will be based on contributions to the plan and investment performance.

If eligible for ORP participation, you will receive notification from HR Benefits at the point that you first become eligible. Election of ORP has a 90 day deadline from when first eligible and is an irrevocable decision.

In addition to participating in a Retirement plan, employees have the option to participate in Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans, as well.


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Ready to retire?  Schedule your retirement meeting with an HR Benefits Advisor.  We’re here to guide you through the retirement process, so reach out if you are ready or just need to start the planning process!