Create an Engagement Action Plan

Engagement begins with the story of each individual team member. Each story is part of a larger narrative for our teams, departments and institutions. It's what we do with our story that matters!

We use our Engagement Survey to capture a snapshot in time of engagement across our world. The survey results provide valuable insight and clues into each team’s engagement story. 

Remember, the survey is the first step in the process. The best and quickest way to your team’s complete story is by discussing the results together. This will help you begin to build an action plan to develop the best, most productive and satisfying workplace for all.

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Engagement Action Plan Toolkit


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Additional guidance for each step can be found by clicking on that step's title.

Step 1Prepare: Review and analyze the Q12 results to prepare a conversation with your team.

  • Review your survey results.
  • Download Q12 report for discussion.
  • Use guiding questions to start team conversation.


Step 2 Identify: With your team, name 1-3 of your lowest scoring item(s) and prioritize which item(s) that you want to improve engagement.

  • Name 1-3 areas where you want to improve engagement.
  • Invite team members to share their diverse perspectives.
  • Decide as a team, which item to target first.


Step 3Discuss: Discuss with team specific actions you will take as a team to improve your engagement score with the related Q12 question.

  • Be specific about areas that need improvement.
  • Focus on things you can control.
  • Consider resources that you have available to support.
  • Set realistic deadlines.


Step 4Record: After team discussion, enter plan details into the Gallup Access Portal using the “Create New Employee Experience” action planning tool.

  • Create a “New Action Plan”
  • Choose Q12 related items to focus on as a team.
  • Select topic to help Gallup Access platform direct you to articles.
  • Include an action planning goal and description to hold individual or team responsible for the action item.
  • Select a due date.
  • Add a task and resources to additional support.


Step 5Follow-up

  • Review the action plan with your team often.
  • Track the progress of the action plan.
  • Communicate with your team about the progress of the action plan.
  • Celebrate your successes.

Using the Action Planning Training Video

Zach Hrynowski, a Gallup Education Researcher, partners with UNT System Enterprise to provide resources to help staff and faculty improve engagement. This video is a guide for managers on how to create an Engagement Action Plan to address Gallup scores and improve areas of engagement.

In this tutorial, Zach will walk you through a step-by-step process for creating an Engagement Action Plan. You will learn how to:

  • Analyze your Gallup scores to identify areas where improvement is needed.
  • Develop goals for improving employee engagement.
  • Identify and implement specific actions to achieve your goals.
  • Track your progress and adjust as needed.

By following the steps in this video, you can create an Engagement Action Plan that will help you to improve employee engagement and create a more positive and productive work culture.

I encourage you to watch this video and learn how to use Gallup scores to improve employee engagement in your organization:  Using the Action Planning Tool Video