Create an Engagement Action Plan

Engagement begins with the story of each individual team member. Each story is part of a larger narrative for our teams, departments and institutions. It's what we do with our story that matters!

We use our Engagement Survey to capture a snapshot in time of engagement across our world. The survey results provide valuable insight and clues into each team’s engagement story. 

Remember, the survey is the first step in the process. The best and quickest way to your team’s complete story is by discussing the results together. This will help you begin to build an action plan to develop the best, most productive and satisfying workplace for all.

Engagement Action Planning Checklist

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Additional guidance for each step can be found by clicking on that step's title.

  1. ANALYZE:  Carefully read your survey results.  Your goal is to interpret the results and gain preliminary insight into your team's story.
    • Review your survey results
    • Prepare your meeting agenda for the Engagement Talk.
    • Select a date, time and location.  About one hour for the first meeting.
    • Prepare  materials; including a copy of the Q12TM survey results for each team member.
  2. SHARE AND LEARN:  Meet with your team for an Engagement Talk. Share survey results, discuss and learn how your team views engagement.
    • Explain "why" we conducted the survey.
    • Review key concepts of employee engagement.
    • Distribute and explain the Q12 survey results.
    • Discuss the results: "What does each Q12 item mean to our team?"
  3. COLLABORATE:  As a team, set goals and develop organizational and team action plans to improve engagement.
    • Discuss which Q12 items the team should focus on.
    • Identify team performance goals.
    • Brainstorm action ideas to improve engagement.
    • Complete Engagement Action Plans for the organization and team goals.
    • Identify when you will review progress.
  4. VISIBILITY AND FOCUS:  Make focusing on engagement part of the team's daily routine to foster a work environment that creates an engagement story in which everyone matters.
    • Develop team guidelines to stay focused on engagement.
    • Post the Action Plans and team goals in a spot visible to all team members.
    • Make engagement a priority and constant focus.
  5. SPOTLIGHT:  Regularly follow up on team goals and shine the spotlight on success.
    • Establish a regular schedule for follow-up to the Action Plans.
    • Evaluate progress on the team's goals.
    • Recognize success - big and small.
    • Review and recalibrate as needed.