Off Boarding

Off Boarding is the process used ­­when a faculty, staff or other department member leaves employment at any location for any reason.

When an employee leaves due to resignation, retirement or involuntary termination, a series of actions must be initiated to ensure that all aspects of employment - email and electronic access, use of university property and materials, parking, payroll and personnel records - are properly managed.

The Off Boarding process should be accessed online by a separating employee or his or her department administrative representative. Please do not submit paper forms. 

Off Boarding is a user-friendly process that allows separating employees, managers, departmental administrative contacts, or a separating employee who requests a termination to receive checklists that detail actions required before separation. The electronic off-boarding process also is designed to automatically generate a termination e-Par (electronic payroll action request) and notify other departments involved in maintaining proper management control that an employee is leaving.

Department representatives who manage Off Boarding may contact their Campus Human Resources department for assistance. The process usually begins when an employee notifies a supervisor of his or her departure.

Contact Campus Human Resources Teams