Earn eight hours of paid time off by making well-being a priority

Monday, October 4, 2021

UNT System employees can receive eight hours of paid time off this fiscal year through the new Well-being Leave, simply by prioritizing their health. All it takes is completing an easy, two-step process:

  • Complete an annual physical exam
  • Complete the Health Risk Assessment in the Health Select of Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield "Well on Target" portal (be sure to get your certificate by clicking on "Certificates" in the lower left-hand corner after completion).

Provide proof of these two requirements to your Benefits Advisor for your campus (via email). What is acceptable as proof? A doctor’s note or confirmation of exam (NO medical information or diagnoses should be on this document), and the certificate for the health risk assessment from the "Well on Target" portal. The confirmation note from the doctor’s office/healthcare portal should include your name, the practice’s information, date of exam and indicate "annual physical" or "well-woman exam." Please do not send your medical information, which is private, to your Benefits Advisor. Documentation is only to prove you had the exam and should not include personal health information.

The Well-being Leave can be used to take a day off (with supervisor permission) to focus on yourself, take a mental health day, or do something fun – all part of achieving work/life balance and wellness.  And, when you take the health assessment in the BCBS "Well on Target" portal, you also get “Blue Points” which can be used to buy things in the “Blue Points” portal – an online shopping mall where you can buy fitness gear, electronics, camping stuff and more. Check out all the wellness resources and benefits available there, including the Blue365 discount program. There are plenty of benefits to make well-being a priority.

Please note: If you waived your health coverage through BCBS and are not able to access your health risk assessment, contact your Benefits Advisor for other options.