Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Sony Simon, UNT System

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Sony Simon, UNT System

Anyone who has met Sony Simon through the New Supervisor Orientation Program or Foundational Leadership Program, or during volunteer outing knows she's the real deal. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Sony is the epitome of a team player who cares deeply about her work and the impact she can have on others. She joined UNT World in July 2019 to coordinate the leadership programs offered to faculty and staff. There are so many great things to know about Sony, but perhaps one of the more interesting is -- and if you know Sony you might have noticed this -- but she never wears the same two earrings. This goes back to her time in the Navy and her love for her mother, a Civil Rights activist who taught her that one person can change the world. Read on and get to know Sony.


What is your favorite aspect about your job?
The favorite aspect of my job is meeting new leaders within UNT World. Each semester, we offer the New Supervisor Orientation Program (8-week program ) to each entity. I get to meet each participant on a personal basis and learn more about each campus/entity as well. We also offer the Foundational Leadership Program each fall semester (5-month program). Getting to know my peers in UNT World is the best part of my job. Networking is an awesome tool. When I have a question about anything, I can refer it to a participant from one of my programs to assist me or lead me in the right direction to get the answer.

What employee benefit or activity would you like to see added to UNT World?
There are so many great benefits offered at UNT System but, one thing I enjoyed at Lone Star College System, was Fridays off in the summer. We worked four nine-hour days and had Fridays off from the first week of June through the second week of August.

What is your proudest work moment?
My proudest work moments are graduations from my leadership programs. It is great to see the smiling faces of the cohorts, the supervisors and their peers rejoicing at such a great accomplishment in the participant’s career.

What is your proudest non-work moment?
My proudest non-work moment is volunteering on the UNT campus. I enjoy meeting the students and their parents during the move-in event and also assisting the students to get to their classes on the first days of the semester. The students are the reason we are here and I do not take that for granted.

What is a fact about you that may surprise your work colleagues?
Some may know and some may not know, but I never wear the same two earrings. When I was in the U.S. Navy, I lost an earring my mother gave me, so I never took it off and wore another earring that matched my outfit. To this day, I still have friends who send me earrings from all over the world. So, if you lose an earring and do not know what to do with the other one, send it my way. I will wear it proudly.

Inspirational hero?: My mother. She was a Civil Rights activist and an advocate for the poor, and taught me how important it is to use your voice to bring about change because it can take one person to make a change in the world.
Hobby?: Card-making. I love making handmade cards for family and friends. I make one-of-a-kind cards. I do not make assembly line cards. I try to get to know the person who’s receiving the card.
Charitable cause?: I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community -- assisting the students in UNT World, serving the homeless, planting trees for the environment, etc.