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What is -- and isn't -- a UNT World benefits webinar

As UNT World employees, you may occasionally receive email invitations to webinars centered around benefits topics such as retirement, social security, savings plans, etc. Some of these can be solicitation emails from third-party vendors, and employees who mistakenly attend one of these webinars can receive misleading or wrong information. 

UNT World does not sponsor these presentations and information provided during these sessions has not been reviewed by Human Resources Benefits staff unless the presenters are a contracted vendor with our organization. Third-party vendors will often send emails with subject lines such as:

  • Make the most of your health plan
  • Join Us for an overview of TRS  and Social Security
  • Retirement Planning customized for you
  • Employer Paid Benefits

Please note that UNT World benefits webinars will come from UNT System or one of our contracted vendors, such as the following: 

  • UNT System Human Resources
  • UNT World Well-being program
  • Teacher’s Retirement System of Texas
  • Employees Retirement System of Texas
  • FMLA Source (Compsych – FMLA compliance provider)
  • Alliance Work Partners (EAP program provider)
  • Fidelity Investments (ORP and retirement savings provider)
  • TIAA (ORP and retirement savings provider)
  • AIG (ORP and retirement savings provider)
  • VOYA (ORP and retirement savings provider)
  • TexaSaver (457 retirement savings provider)

At times, UNT System Human Resources may support other training from additional vendors. If this occurs, we will notify you through our newsletter or UNT World Well-being program updates. If you receive email solicitations for webinars regarding your benefits, always feel free to check with your HR team to verify the validity of the invitation.
Employees who would like information regarding planning for retirement, insurance and leave are encouraged to meet with one of your HR benefits staff: