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UNT World Learning: Your new learning portal

We are excited to announce that we are replacing our current Learning Management System (LMS), the Learning Portal, with UNT World Learning. The UNT World Learning platform will allow you to see required training assignments, register for face-to-face courses, and complete LinkedIn Learning training and/or other online courses.

Your training in UNT World Learning is easily tracked and displayed in a user-friendly dashboard format. In addition, UNT World Learning will allow users to participate in online training from their mobile devices. You can familiarize yourself with UNT World Learning through an optional course called “UNT World Learning Overview.”

UNT World Learning is now active and can be accessed through the employee portal or at: Should you need any training reports from the previous LMS (the Learning Portal), or if you have questions about UNT World Learning, please feel free to email us at