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Tips for April 2020

Financial fitness in times of trouble: Top Tips

During times of trouble, it’s even more difficult to stay on top of things financially.  We’re working to find good resources to help you navigate this journey. We’re keeping this page up to date with tips from financial professionals, links to articles, and videos.  And, we’re offering webinars weekly on a variety of financial fitness topics, as well.

Key tips to keep in mind, from financial advisors:

During times of crisis and market volatility like we are experiencing:

  • Keep emotions in check when making financial decisions during times of market volatility
  • Plan for the “long haul” or “big picture” rather than reacting to the immediate situation
  • Have a plan and keep saving towards your future goals, including retirement
  • Talk to a financial advisor.  All vendors (AIG, Fidelity, TIAA, and Voya) are available for virtual meetings (phone, video, etc.)
  • Establish an emergency fund

COVID-19 Financial Resources available in your community

Your local United Way has developed Covid 19 Resource pages that include ways to get help and ways to give help in your county: