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Three Tips to Manage Stress


Take time to take some deep, calming breaths. Breathe in deeply through the nose, and slowly release breath through the mouth. Doing so is an intentional way to calmness. Close your eyes and shut everything out. Now, breathe. Not sure about this? Try the “Soft Belly Breathing” technique.


Whether you put on some old-school grooves and shake it like a Polaroid, prefer some quiet storm and sway in your chair, or thrash out to 80’s metal–let loose a little. Doing any kind of movement throughout the day is going to release endorphins and improve your overall mood. Here are some ideas to get you moving. And, from ways to exercise if you have limited mobility due to disability, injury or illness. And here are chair exercises from

Check out these thoughts on dancing like no one’s watching.


Let your imagination take you to a calm place of peace. It’s called Guided Imagery, and it can help relieve stress. Your mind and body really are connected. Calm body, calm mind. Did you know that imagining something like being at peace can trick your mind and body into actually being at peace? Here’s how.