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Texa$aver Offers Personal Virtual Meetings in July


Texa$aver is a voluntary retirement savings plan available to you as an employee. You can make voluntary monthly contributions via paycheck deduction, pre-tax or after-tax, to investments you choose – with very low fees. Contribute towards your retirement savings and build your future – it’s never too soon or too late to participate in this plan that helps you build retirement income in addition to your retirement benefit plan income. And starting small can result in big savings when you get to retirement.

These meetings are a great way to get personalized service to help you:

  • Enroll in the Texa$aver 457 Plan, a voluntary retirement savings plan option you have as an UNT World employee;
  • Review your existing Texa$aver 457 account, including your contribution amounts and investment options;
  • Rollover previous employer retirement or IRA accounts; and
  • Check your beneficiary information

Use the Texa$aver Education Counselor Map [] to determine the appropriate Education Counselor assigned to your region and Click here to schedule your appointment.  For assistance, you can call Empower Retirement at 1-800-634-5091 or visit

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