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Take Steps Now for a Financially Secure Future

National Retirement Security Week (NRSW), a national event focused on the importance of financial security, begins Oct. 18. The event raises awareness about the importance of planning toward retirement to ensure a secure financial future.

Planning for retirement is important at all ages and stages. Haven’t started yet? Now’s a great time. It’s never too late, and every dollar counts. Here are some ideas for starting, or progressing, on this important financial journey:

  • Get a savings checkup – you can consult with a financial advisor from one of our vendors for free – all employees are eligible for one free financial advisement session from the vendor of their choice. Each vendor’s contact information can be found here, including links to schedule meetings
  • Work on building emergency savings
  • Evaluate your anticipated retirement income vs. projected expenses and consider participating in voluntary retirement savings plans

Why? You can save toward retirement to supplement your retirement plan income (and other benefits) by contributing to investments of your choice -- via paycheck deduction monthly. It’s easy, and it adds up. 

You can start now by setting aside just $25 a month. It can grow significantly on your journey to retirement. Here’s a helpful calculator to check out how much you could stash away to retire on later by saving just a little bit monthly now. 

Watch a helpful video or join a webinar: You can find excellent virtual offerings to choose from all week on the In the Green Well-being Calendar.

To build whole-self wellness, include your finances in your personal well-being plan. Even when things are outside of your control, you can continue to set and work toward goals, no matter how small, that will help you achieve financial health and overall well-being for yourself.

Read more about planning for lifetime retirement income. And, learn more about your UNT World retirement plan benefits here.