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Take on the 2021 Get Fit Texas! State Agency Challenge

The 2021 Get Fit Texas! State Agency Challenge begins Monday, Jan. 11. This 10-week challenge offers employees a fun way to start an active year.

To complete the challenge, participants must be physically active for 150 minutes per week for at least six of the 10 weeks. We want you to take on the challenge and compete against other Texas agencies to see who can claim the title of Fittest State Agency

Registration is now open. Participants can begin logging their physical activity minutes on Jan. 11th. Find Instructions for registration and participating in the challenge here. For more information, contact Wellness Administrator Sarah Blackwell at:

All participants must register for the challenge even if you have participated in previous years.

Honoring friendly competition, The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) will track the percentage of completion for each state agency and recognize agencies in each size group (small, medium, large) with the highest completion rate.

Let’s lace up those shoes, take on the challenge and show that the University of North Texas System is the Fittest State Agency in Texas.