Interview Process

Interviews provide the opportunity to focus on specific details surrounding experience and background and are, therefore, a critical step in your process to hire the best candidate. Hiring managers should follow best practices and equal opportunity standards when interviewing candidates.

  • Take time to prepare for the interview by reviewing the job description and the candidate’s resume.
  • Develop a list of job-related behavioral interview questions.
  • Use the same questions for all applicants for the same position to ensure fairness.
  • Welcome the candidate.
  • Provide an overview of what will occur during the interview.
  • Ask open-ended questions, which focus on behavioral descriptions rather than simply yes-or-no questions. For example, ask the candidate to describe a work situation which required stress management skills rather than asking generally if the candidate can handle stressful situations.
  • Listen.
  • Ask the same core questions of every candidate for the same position.
  • Ask probing questions for job related specifics if they are not immediately apparent in the candidate’s answer. Redirect the discussion when needed to stay on topic and within the allotted time.
  • Take notes during the interview to ensure accuracy.
  • Keep reactions to yourself.
  • Answer questions about the position or the selection process.
  • Thank the candidate for the interview.
  • Provide timely communication to all candidates interviewed.