Pay Plan & Classification (Job) Descriptions

The pay plans document the job titles and job codes for all executive, faculty, staff, hourly and task.  Each pay plan below can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet and will contain three tabs: Classified Pay Plan, Non-Classified Pay Plan, and Salary Grades and Ranges. The classified pay plan for staff includes the pay grade, salary range, FLSA status and Retirement Eligibility status for each title. The non-classified plan provides similar information for executive, faculty, hourly and task appointments, but these titles do not have a set salary range. Finally, each pay plan will provide a table listing all salary grades and their related salary ranges.  

Pay Plans


Classification (Job) Descriptions

All classification descriptions are maintained and housed within the position management system and may be accessed via PeopleAdmin at  Classification descriptions are accessible by all employees by selecting the Position Management module and clicking on the Classifications drop-down menu. Classification descriptions are available for Staff, Faculty and Executive titles.  A quick guide to accessing classification descriptions is available below.  If you are unable to access a classification, please contact the Compensation and Performance Management team. To add or modify information related to an existing class description contact

How to Access Classification Descriptions