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Stand Up for Your Health

Most of us spend most of our day sitting down. But sitting all day can have negative affects on our health, including increasing our chances of developing chronic health conditions like obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Even if you are getting the recommended 150 minutes a week of physical activity–sitting for long periods of time at your desk may still be impacting your health negatively.

Combat the negative impact of sitting by adding movement to your day:

At work:

  • Get up and stretch every 30 minutes.
  • Schedule a walking meeting via cell phone.
  • Elevate your laptop or PC so you can stand and work during part of your day (use an empty box, for example, if you don’t have a standing desk)
  • Working remotely? Use a counter in the kitchen part of the day to do work while standing.
  • When you take a break - take a walk. Breaks help you be more productive and working from home makes walking for exercise even easier!
  • Have your yoga mat handy at your desk and do some yoga at intervals during your day if you are into yoga.
  • Explore desk stretching or calisthenics (lunges, twists, squats, jumping jacks) that are easy to do in between meetings or tasks.

Off of work:

  • Stand some while watching television, and get up during commercials or between streaming shows and do household tasks like taking out the trash or watering plants or tidying up.
  • Stretch or do some calisthenics (like jumping jacks–get up and give yourself 10!) while watching your favorite show.  
  • Wash your car by hand instead of using the drive-thru car wash.
  • Gardening is a rewarding way to get active!
  • Walk or move around while checking text messages/receiving phone calls or playing games and doing puzzles on your phone.

UNT World’s In the Green Wellbeing program is a great place to find tips about getting more physical activity and there are lots of great workouts available online that you can do during work breaks! Build breaks into your schedule and enjoy these benefits whether working from home or on campus.