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Sick Leave/Sick Leave Donation/Sick Leave Pool

Sick Leave

Sick Leave is paid time off from work for health-related purposes (including mental health).  Sick leave accruals begin on the first day of employment at eight (8) hours a month prorated for employees who work less than 40 hours per week in a salaried position.

  • Sick Leave can be used for illness, injury, pregnancy, confinement, and to care for an immediate family member.
  • Immediate family member – includes those who live in the same household and additional family members such as a parent, who do not live in the same household, but requires care.


Sick Leave Policies:


Sick Leave Pool

Sick leave pool is a program that assists employees who have exhausted all other Leave due to a catastrophic illness or injury to themselves or an immediate family member.

  • Employees must be benefits-eligible (Salaried full and part-time).
  • Sick leave pool provides a maximum lifetime benefit of 720 hours.
  • Employees eligible for Workers Compensation Insurance (WCI) benefits are not eligible for the sick leave pool.  
  • An employee eligible for sick leave pool must exhaust all of their accruals before pool will be awarded.
  • Any unused hours will be returned to the pool.
  • Current employees may make voluntary contributions of accrued sick leave hours to the sick leave pool at any time.
  • Terminating employees may donate all or a portion of their sick Leave.


Sick Leave Donation

Sick leave donation is a program that allows all eligible employees to transfer sick leave hours voluntarily to another eligible employee within the same agency.

  • An employee must have a medical need with a medical certification on file in order to receive donations.
  • The receiving employee must have exhausted their sick leave accruals, including any time the employee may be eligible to withdraw from the sick leave pool before sick donation will be awarded.
  • Donations of sick Leave are irrevocable and will not be returned to the donor.
  • Donations are accepted based on the terms of the medical certification (i.e., if the recovery period states that two weeks is needed, only 80 hours will be granted).
  • Employees and departments may not solicit hours.
  • Supervisors may not donate Leave to subordinates.