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Posting a Position

New Positions

Hiring managers with a newly created job should contact Campus HR. You will work with Compensation to create a new Job Description. An ePAR will need to be approved before moving forward with posting this position.

Existing Position with No Changes

When replacing an employee who has vacated a role within the past 60 days with no changes to the job description or salary, no ePAR is necessary to post. You can move ahead to post and start the search.

Existing Position with Changes

This needs to be reviewed by Compensation to ensure there is not a reclassification needed. A reclassification requires an ePAR, minor changes to the position do not. If there is an increase in the salary amount you are wanting to offer, this will require an ePAR prior to posting. Any offer over the budgeted amount for the position at any time in the process requires an ePAR.

Hourly Position

View and Access Applicant Information

Talent Acquisition reserves the right to edit job postings to comply with System policies and procedures.

Talent Acquisition will post the job opening to the appropriate campus website and if applicable, to external websites.

A job posting should be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days and can be closed (removed from the website) the posting requirement. Please notify a Recruiting Assistant in order to close the job. Job postings with an open and closing date are automatically removed.

The hiring manager will be able to view employment applications, resumes, and cover letters online. Guest users are able to view only applications and resumes. Hiring managers can update applicant status throughout the search process.