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HR Launches New Compensation eForm

HR has launched a new Compensation eForm, the Staff Job Classification/Reclassification Request Form. This form is a tool to ensure an efficient and consistent staff classification/reclassification process.  

This will replace the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ, UNT), the Position Summary Form (HSC) and current classification/reclassification documents at UNT Dallas and UNT System. New position and reclassification guidelines and timelines may vary by institution, particularly for filled positions. Please contact your campus or System HR team and review applicable institutional policies to determine eligibility for the classification/reclassification process.

The form will be completed when requesting a new staff position or when requesting the reclassification of an existing staff position. You can access the form and process information: The form will capture components of the position necessary for determining the appropriate job title and salary grade.