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Focusing on well-being this fall means taking care of yourself financially as well. Check out the free webinars hosted by our vendors (AIG, Fidelity, TIAA and Voya) via the In the Green portal. These aren’t sales pitches, so don’t worry. However, all of these vendors do offer a free financial advisement meeting if you are an UNT World employee (register in Netbenefits portal and click on “Meet with Us”), if you’re interested. And their webinars are a great way to benefit from their financial expertise. Additionally, the well-being events calendar includes webinars from ERS and TRS AND videos on demand from many free financial resources that offer financial counseling, debt management advice, credit counseling and much more.

Are you experiencing financial strain or distress? Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits also include financial counseling (free). You can also get free counseling via the EAP for anxiety and stress when they are impacting your wellbeing. Many employees don’t realize they have these benefits available to them at no cost. 

And, your health insurance also includes mental health benefits. Difficult times take an emotional toll, and financial worries and crises are hard to handle on your own. Seeking help is a sign of wellness. When you need support, your EAP benefits are there for you as a free resource, and you also have care options with your health insurance for benefits like virtual counseling.

Community resources are available in times of financial strain and stress

Financial concerns are impacting many of us during this time across our UNT World community. Besides making use of your UNT World-provided benefits, there are excellent resources available in your community. They are there to help.  And, if you don’t need them for yourself at this time, pass this information along, or consider volunteering. Share and care!


Serve Denton partners with community non-profit resources to make services more accessible.  This one-stop spot includes the Denton Community Food Center.

In Tarrant County, Tarrant Cares is an excellent resource; their site will connect you to many services, including those for veterans, victims of domestic violence, and assistance for disabled adults, to name a few.

In Dallas, CitySquare has partnered with United Way to provide financial help to people who need help paying the rent, mortgage, or utilities.  They also offer a host of other community resources.

Have you heard of  The 211 is an excellent service information source for all community non-profit resources – search by zip code to find help where you live.


Work-life balance is a concept that may seem elusive during a global pandemic that has us homeschooling our kids, socially distancing, cooking more at home, and managing relationships with people we can’t see in person. Despite the many challenges in our current environment, there are things within our control that can help us to maintain a semblance of “normal” and to create balance between work and life with these resources.

Join NBC5 anchors for weekly community conversations about change related to mental health and economic and health care disparities. Among the topics, a new educational course will be offered this fall on African-American culture. 

Click here for more information. 

Distractions are everywhere. Stay alert with these tips on pedestrian safety by following the rules of the road for walkers and drivers as school is reopening. Watch your speed in school zones, watch out for bicycles and talk to your teen drivers. Learn more about safety tips and resources with the following:

Share the Road

Teen Driving

Pedestrian Safety

While we all know that exercising is important for building endurance and losing weight, you also need to know the signs of when an exercise break is needed to avoid over training or burn out. Learn more  about the warning signs, how long of a break is needed and how to incorporate other fun activities to return to a stronger you!

While most of us are ready for social distancing to end, we may have a long way to go before that happens. So why not take advantage of this time to reevaluate spending habits and find ways to cut costs? Here are some ideas:

  • Even though a latte anywhere but at home sounds great right now, take a look at how much you save by making yourself a cold brew or a cup of plain ol’ joe at home.
  • Mani-pedi movie night! Yes, do those nails at home while you enjoy some streaming time.
  • Take a look at your car insurance. It’s time to comparison shop for a better deal. Check out Nerdwallet’s tips here.
  • Get out the chefs hat! Dining in can save you hundreds of dollars a year. What better time than now to resume the cooking habit? It’s a great time to teach the kids how to cook, as well!
  • Buy used. Many (often charity-supporting) thrift shops have converted to online shopping so that they can stay in business. Same goes for lots of your favorite local used book and record stores, though some are also open for you to browse during limited hours, etc. Most offer curbside, and some even have free delivery. Time for a good read or an oldie but goodie on vinyl? You’ll save by buying “gently worn” or “like new.” Plus, you’ll be shopping local and possibly supporting a favorite cause. 
  • Don’t forget your employee perks programs! You can save on phone plans and lots more.
  • Take advantage of your financial well-being workshops and videos–all part of the In the Green Wellbeing program and it’s free! There are lots of quick videos and easy-to-join workshops about topics like saving for a rainy day, managing debt and cutting day to day costs!
    • Take a look at the Events calendar. Click to register or click to watch a video on demand.
    • And while you are checking that out, join a free workout from home. Time to try Zumba?

Don’t forget to maximize your FY20 vision plan by taking full advantage of any remaining usage before the new plan starts on September 1. 

Need help finding an in-network provider? Visit State of Texas Vision and click on “Locate a Provider.” Learn more


If you have not yet used your floating holiday for fiscal year 2020, please do so before the end of August or that paid holiday will be lost as we move into the new fiscal year on Sept. 1.

BlueCross BlueShield of Texas will begin managing your mental health and substance use benefits for HealthSelect participants, replacing Magellan Healthcare. With this transition, your benefit deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance will not change. Most providers who are in-network with Magellan will also be in the HealthSelect plan. If your current provider is not, a separate letter has been mailed with additional provider options.

Click here for additional resources:,-with-help-from-HealthSelect

Struggling with food choices while at home? Check out what’s cooking with our very own Scrappy’s Kitchen playlist and YouTube channel for quick meals. 

Click here to see the playlist.