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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Wayne McInnis

Ask an Expert: Wayne McInnis

If anyone can stake a claim as an authority on the growth of the UNT Dallas campus, it's Wayne McInnis.The Director of the Office of Facilities Management and Planning has served at the university for nine years, in which time the southern Dallas campus has bloomed from two buildings to four, including the first residence hall in 2017, the highly anticipated 2019 opening of the $63 million Student Center, plus the stunning renovation of the old City Hall building that is now the UNT Dallas College of Law in downtown Dallas. Needless to say, as UNT Dallas has expanded,

so has Wayne's job duties. And that's saying nothing of how valuable he's been in creating and ensuring protocol during COVID-19.

As the day-to-day overseer of the facilities department, from cleaning of the buildings to the HVAC to landscaping, one might say Wayne's love for the campus borders on familial. And, in truth, it just might. See, Wayne is also a UNT Dallas alum, and so is his son. 


What is your favorite aspect of your job?
I love the student body we serve, and contributing to so many people's education and success. Our mission is to enhance and maintain a caring and supportive physical environment to further the educational and student developmental mission of the university. When we accomplish our mission daily, I take pride in our contribution to the education and success of our student body.

What employee benefit or activity would you like to see added to UNT World? 
I would like to see an Employee Family Day. We had one a few years ago and it was great.
What is your proudest work moment? 
There's so many. I just like being able to help and complete projects. I have been proud of my role in the construction of our first residence hall, the Student Center and renovation of the Dallas Municipal building that is now the UNT Dallas College of Law. When I arrived, we only had two buildings. These three additions are huge accomplishments for the university to have opened in a two-year span.
What is your proudest non-work moment? 
My son, Wayne McInnis Jr., like myself, graduated from UNT Dallas. He graduated in May 2018, one semester after I did. My goal was always to set the bar higher for myself than for my children. I couldn't see doing that without completing my degree. He now works for the W Hotel and is pursuing other entrepreneurial endeavors in business consulting and hospitality.

What fact about you might surprise your colleagues? 
I played drums for my church choir for 15 years. Now, I just fill in playing at my church when the drummer is out. I stopped playing about 12 years ago.


Movie?: Clear and Present Danger
Inspirational hero?: My parents
Place to visit?: I love Miami