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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Pamela Milner

Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Pamela Milner

Pamela Milner spent her childhood in Anchorage, Alaska, so it was only natural for her to want to get Texas as fast as she could. So, she chose to attend college at Texas A&M. "I wanted to go out-of-state," she says with a laugh. It's a decision that set in motion a series of educational experiences that provided a foundation for her current role as Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising at UNT's G. Brint Ryan College of Business. Over her 20 years serving the university, her titles might have changed, but her focus and dedication to student affairs has never wavered. She currently oversees the front office, assists with curriculum oversight and acts as a departmental liaison. Learn more about Pamela, like the technology she's come to love because it makes working during COVID-19 bearable, and what her husband might say she's doing when she finds some downtime.


Why did you decide to pursue this specialty?
I knew I wanted to work with people. What I do marries career and helping students find their way.

How has your job changed since the onset of COVID-19?
I'm so glad we still get to interact [over Zoom]. What we've created now over Zoom ... we'll be keeping a lot of these processes. I love the face-to-face with students.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to incoming students?
College is an experience. It's not just about getting the grades and getting the degree. It's about developing the whole person. I'm big on advocating for other people and teaching them to advocate for themselves.

What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime?
My husband would tell you I'm on Facebook a lot. It's a good distraction. But I'm not a hobby person. I enjoy being outside and enjoying good weather and the outdoors. I like to read. And I also am looking at finding more training sessions and seeking out different things like that for continuing education.