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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Dr. Clinton Purtell

Dr. Clint Purtell

Dr. Clinton Purtell joined UNT World last year as an adjunct professor in the Department of Marketing, Logistics & Operations Management. He is now an associate clinical professor of management and entrepreneurship. He also serves as a coordinator for outreach, external relationships and strategic corporate partnerships for UNT at Frisco/New College.


What is your favorite aspect of your job ?
I'm excited about every opportunity I have to be in a classroom or to work directly with students. I'm also passionate about research. I'm involved in UNT’s Center for Integrated Intelligent Mobility Systems (CIIMS) initiatives, particularly as it relates to autonomous drones and air taxi technologies, such as Uber Elevate. My other areas of interest -- both in the classroom and research -- are in the entrepreneurial process, particularly related to fundraising pitches, interactions between entrepreneurs and stakeholders, and new venture start-up strategies. 
What employee benefit or activity would you like to see added to UNT World? 
New employees, such as me, are peppered with bits and snippets about what is available in various presentations, such as new-hire orientation, individual department meet-and-greets, email news blasts, etc. It would be great if we had an indexed/organized tool that summarizes everything available to employees, with easy ways to directly access the various pages where more information exists across UNT, such as through hyperlinks. 
What is your proudest work moment? 
My personal mission is to “make a positive impact in at least one student every day.” My proudest work moment is each class, day or week I have a student approach me to tell me, unsolicited, that I have made a positive impact on them, inspired them, helped them think in new ways or considered a new perspective on a topic.
What is your proudest non-work moment? 
This year, each of my three children set high goals and accomplished each of them. All three achieved straight A’s in school, and all three were selected to a join top select athletic organization (two in baseball and one in softball). My two daughters made the junior varsity and varsity softball teams at Allen High School, and my oldest daughter received an offer as a junior in high school to play collegiate softball at one of her top choices where she can also study in a pre-med program. 

What fact about you might surprise your colleagues? 
I am an Oklahoma Choctaw, the son of two United Methodist ministers and a true “Okie from Muskogee.”

Movie?: Top Gun

TV Show?: Yellowstone

Hobby?: Hunting and shooting sports