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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Bethany Evans, UNT

Bethany Evans, Psy.D., UNT

Dr. Evans started at UNT six years ago as a psychologist and now serves as the Director of Clinical Services in the Division of Student Affairs. She oversees specific programming for the university's Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) students, guides the clinical programming, which includes policy development and implementation, and works to ensure that these services are accessible to students. At home, life is about to get more exciting as this family of three is about to become four. That means some sleepless nights ahead and so it won't be surprising if, to pass those late-night hours and keep her sanity, this comedy lover doesn't have her favorite TV sitcom cued up at all times. Read on and get to know Dr. Evans. 


What is your favorite aspect about your job?
I love that my position offers variety and that I get to use my problem-solving skills on a regular basis. I also love that my job allows me to have regular interpersonal interaction.

What employee benefit or activity would you like to see added to UNT World?
I would love if there were additional paid options for employees taking maternity leave. This is on my mind as I’m preparing to give birth to my second child.

What is your proudest work moment?
My proudest work moments are when I’m able to help students who come in frustrated, hopeless and unsure of the next steps to take regarding their well-being. Instilling hope and helping them get the care they need are among my top proudest work moments.

What is your proudest non-work moment?
My proudest non-work moments are marrying my husband and giving birth to my son.

What is a fact about you that may surprise your work colleagues?
In middle school, I discovered that I was a really good long distance runner. I ran cross country and was named MVP in the seventh grade.

Movie?: One of my favorite movies is Monster-in-Law. I love comedies in general, so anything that can make me laugh is a win. 
TV show?: One of my favorite shows is Martin. It still makes me laugh like I’m watching it for the first time.
Hobby?: I love to cook and try new recipes. My fried pork chops are always a hit!