Title VII Reporting

  • Online report and anonymous reporting
  • Trust line
  • Reporting via email and phone:
  • Reporting Requirement:
    • Beginning September 1, 2019, all System Administration employees are required by state law to promptly report incidences of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.  This statutory requirement to report is triggered if, in the course and scope of their employment, the employee witnesses or receives information that the employee reasonably believes constitutes sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence or stalking committed by or against an individual who was employed within the UNT World or enrolled as a student at the time of the incident.  This includes instances when individuals with no affiliation with UNT World are either allegedly victimized by a university employee or student, or are accused of committing an offense against a university employee or student. If an employee knowingly fails to report, the employee must be terminated in accordance with Texas state law and System Administration’s policies and procedures.  Additionally, an employee who fails to report may be charged with Class A Misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $4,000, or both (jail time and a fine.) Employees who are victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking are not required to report incidents involving themselves.  
  • What to report:
    • All known information about the incident that is relevant to the investigation; as well as, whether the alleged victim expressed a desire for confidentiality in reporting the incident.  If you have been designated by System Administration as a person with whom students may speak confidentially concerning sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking, you are only required to report the type of incident.  Similarly, if you receive information regarding sexual misconduct under circumstances that make the communications confidential or privileged by law (for example, you receive information as a licensed healthcare professional), you must report only the type of incident reported, but no information that would violate a student’s expectation of privacy.