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ePar Upgrades Will Improve Job Reclassification Process and More

HR, in partnership with ITSS, launched several upgrades to the ePAR system in October. This new functionality will improve the job reclassification process and enhance several other existing processes:

  • New reclassification functionality – HR Compensation will review the requested job title and salary, and provide confirmation to the request or make recommendations for changes; department heads will then select a final recommended salary to move the request forward in the approval process
  • Vacant position changes for faculty – Initiators will now be able to make vacant position changes (faculty only) beyond the current fiscal year
  • Worklist – The approval worklist has been cleaned up and, going forward, it will clear once transactions are completed
  • Ability to see canceled ePARs – Initiators will now be able to view ePARs that may have been canceled by payroll processing
  • Payroll HOLD process for vacant positions -- Vacant position ePAR transactions will no longer be placed on hold while Payroll is processing
  • Termination Warnings – A new warning message will be displayed and recorded when the Last Physical Date is later than the termination effective date

Note: Make sure all Time & Labor data is entered and approved, and exceptions are cleared so as to not cause any delays if a lump sum vacation payout is needed